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Stage & Photoshoot Consulting

As a WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model, I have hit the ultimate goal in fitness competitions - winning a show and obtaining Pro status! Now my passion is to help others strive for their best on stage or in front of the camera, and we can do that regardless of location through technology.


Contact me today to develop a customized plan for your goals!

Plans consist of:


  • Phone calls and texting to answer your questions and check-in on progress.

  • Skype consulting sessions to help guide you on posing, walking, and connecting to feel your best.

  • Style consultation (what to expect for show arrival, registration, who's who, and showtime).

  • Referrals to costume/bikini designers at various levels of expense.

  • Promotion for your progress on my RahEvolution social media accounts.

  • Coaching and support on taking this big step to present your awesome self to the world!

Rah Engstrom Fitness Competitor posing
Rah Evolution Fitness Competitor Posing
Rah Engstrom Fitness Competitor Coaching


Rah is a game changer! She helped me become more confident, motivated and inspired.  Her passion and commitment for a healthy lifestyle is something I'm very proud of - she's made me a better person and for that I'm extremely grateful!

Your satisfied client and friend

Jessica Kruse, Client and friend

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